Sunday, 8 December 2013

Free Radio 2013

On Saturday 30th November 2013, I got the chance to go to Free Radio Live which is a radio concert thing that is held at the LG Arena in Birmingham. We got to the arena at about 5 in the evening but we weren't allowed to go to our seats until half 5.

(I took this while walking so I apologise for it being blurry)
(Our view from our seats)

We were happy with our seats because we had a really good view and also we were loving the air-con which actually strangely kept us cool throughout the show. After waiting for ages, the show started just after 7 and Lawson were the first act. They performed 'Standing in the Dark' which I was really happy about as that's my favourite song of theirs and they also performed 'Juliet' which I also love. I also fell in love with Andy's accent even more ;) 


After Lawson, Sam and Mark came onto the stage as they were the hosts. I might have fangirled slightly as  actually love them and I used to watch them on TV all the time when I was growing up. Anyway, they announced the next act which was Conor Maynard. 

(Sam and Mark)

(Conor Maynard)

When Conor Maynard performed 'R U Crazy' I was trying to delete stuff off my phone to make some space for the rest of the night so I wasn't really paying attention to him and I felt really bad but I was singing along haha. Anyway, Pixie Lott was on after and I actually used like her music so it was lovely to see her performing. She said she is going to be releasing new music which I'm quite looking forward to hearing but she couldn't perform any of it. She did an acoustic version of 'Cry Me Out' and that is my favourite song of hers. 

(Pixie Lott)

Next up were Union J. I actually liked these boys when they were on The X Factor and I still like them now. Their performance of 'Beautiful Life' was amazing, the audience was lit up by flashes on peoples phones which was really lovely. 

(Union J)

Little Mix were on next and they are actually amazing live and they are gorgeous. They performed 'Move' and I love that song at the moment so I loved their performance of it. Me and Chloe couldn't stop laughing at this man in front of us as he soon stood up when they came onto the stage.

(Little Mix)

James Arthur was next on the stage and I thought he was going to get booed because of everything that has happened over the past few weeks but he didn't and the crowd loved him. Personally, I like him and I'm in love with his voice. When he performed 'Impossible' the crowd were singing along with him which made the atmosphere amazing.

(James Arthur)

My first blog was about a certain band who I woke up early for and also waited hours to see...well, I got to see them again ;) Yes I am talking about The Vamps. When I saw them the first time round, they had just put up the Can We Dance video and not many people knew about them...when I saw them this time round, they were getting more cheers than most of the acts. I would like to be cheesy and say that I am so proud of them. A year ago, I was watching them do covers on YouTube and now look how far they have come. Once again, they smashed their performance and I have fell in love with them even more (if that is possible). The thing that made me laugh was that me and Chloe and a couple of others where we were sat, were the only ones that knew the lyrics to 'Wildheart' haha. They performed 'Wildheard', 'Can We Dance' and 'Cecilia'. They all looked cute in their Christmas jumpers as well haha.

Unfortunately, they only did 3 songs. I wanted them to stay on the stage longer haha. Anyway, The Saturdays (minus Frankie) were on after. They all looked stunning and did a really good set. Also, the man that stood up for Little Mix also stood up for these which was really funny. (Someone obviously loves their girlbands...)

(The Saturdays)

The last act of the night was basically what everyone was waiting for. The last act was Olly Murs and I have always wanted to see him live so I was extremely happy when he came onto the stage. He was AMAZING and I would love to see him again. When singing 'Hand On Heart' the crowd held their lights us and once again it looked amazing. He also sand the chorus to it again once he had finished but changed 'heart' to 'arse'. Not going to lie but I found it hilarious. His whole set was perfect and I love him but I wish he did a lot more songs but what the songs he did were amazing anyway.

The concert was soon over and I had an amazing night. My phone battery managed to last...until I got into the car after the concert but oh well haha. Also, I had just managed to get rid of vocal strain which I had for 3 months (I'm blaming The Vamps for my strained vocal cords as I got it after their gig haha) but now I've got a bad throat once again and I'm supposed to be seeing JLS (for the last time :'( omg haha) on Friday so my throat is going to be even more messed up after that. Anyway, back on topic...every act was amazing and this man proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone haha. They won't read this but congratulations :') But yes, I had a fab night haha!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Vamps!!

On Friday 9th August 2013, I got the chance to see The Vamps live in Birmingham. I had an amazing day and met some lovely people. 

As it was a free gig and it was standing, Chloe and I had to get to the venue quite early. I woke up at 4:45 am which is very early for me. We got a train to Birmingham at about 10 past 6 and we got there at about 7. We made a quick stop at McDonald's to get some breakfast and then we rushed the hmv institute, hoping that not many people were there. As we had never been to the venue before, we did have to google map it so we knew where we were going. Luckily, we managed to find it and there was about 20 people there already. The gig wasn't supposed to start until 1 so we had to wait around for ages as we did get there at about half 7. Fortunately, it wasn't cold outside which I was happy about. 

Waiting around for as long as we did wasn't so bad as we got to meet some new people who were lovely. We were let into the venue at about half 1 and we managed to get 3rd row so we were really close. There were a few problems though. One of them being that I am small and I was stood behind people who were taller than me which really didn't help but I still managed to see the boys. I also have a bit of a dodgy back and I brought a bag that got in the way most of the time. Another problem was that I'm claustrophobic and being surrounded by a lot of people did not help. 

After a while of waiting, the boys soon came on to start their set and the atmosphere was amazing. They performed Year 3000 and as a Busted fan, I was really happy about this. They also performed their brand new single, Can We Dance. This song is amazing and it's even better live. 

After they had finished performing, they did a little Q&A where they picked some people from the audience to ask the questions. Once that was done, they went off the stage and we all made our way out of the building. 

Basically, the whole day was amazing even if it did make my back worse and I ended up with a sore throat. I got to finally see a band who I have been a fan of since the end of last year/start of this year. They are really talented and amazing live. This might sound cringey but I am so proud of them and I wish them all the best. They are 4 down to earth lads with a lot of talent and they deserve success.

Me and Chloe waiting outside the hmv institute at early hours in the morning :)

(These are my videos and pictures, please don't steal)
(This is also my first blog so I apologise if it's rubbish haha)