Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I was originally going to add this in my 'Curly Hair' post but I didn't want it to be too long. So I have decided to do it in a separate post.

As you know, I have curly hair and there can be positives and also negatives of having curly hair. So I've gathered up 15 things about having curly hair and have decided to make a post about it.

1) Can't brush curly hair: People with curly hair know that it is a struggle to brush curly hair. If I brush my hair, it goes really bushy and frizzy and it just isn't good for my hair. The only time I brush my hair is before I have a shower and the amount of times I have feared for my hairbrushes life is unreal.

2) Finding the right products: For me personally, I find it hard to find the right products for me hair. At the moment, the shampoo that I am using is apparently for 'frizzy hair' is making my hair even more frizzy than it already is (but it smells like blueberries so I don't want to stop using it).

3) Sleeping on it: I always love my hair just after I have washed it. Then when I wake up the next day, it is just a mess and it upsets me that it won't be like it was the day before.

4) 'Quick' showers: When you have curly hair, there is no such thing as a 'quick shower'. My family always tease me about how long I am in the shower for but I actually can't help it. I have a lot of hair and I'm sorry that it doesn't take 5 minutes to wash.

5) People like to touch curly hair like they have never seen it before: I always seem to have people touching my hair. It's like they've grew up in a world surrounded by straight hair and then BOOM I appear with my curly hair and it's like a miracle has happened.

6) Hands get stuck: When people do touch my hair, their hand always gets awkwardly stuck and they are just standing there trying to get it out.

7) "Is your hair naturally curly?": I get this question a lot. I would be rich if I got a pound every time someone has asked me this question. If you have curly hair and no one as asked you this question then I am jealous. But I do strangely love the amazement on peoples faces when I say 'yes'.

8) "How long does it take to straighten?": This is another question that I get a lot. People then get shocked when I tell them 'Oh, just a little bit over half an hour' as they seem to think it takes days...weeks...months even. I have curly hair, not the Amazon rainforest.

9) "You are so lucky to have curly hair" "I wish I had hair like yours": I also get these said a lot. I think it's lovely when people say this but if they could actually see what's its like to deal with curly hair then they would probably take back what they said.

10) Straightening curly hair: Like I said before, my hair doesn't take long to straighten. But it does take a lot of effort. I have to section my hair and because of this, my hair is in my face so I can't see what's going on. I have to keep straightening one piece of hair until its straight. The thickness of my hair and the heat of the straighteners really don't mix. It also doesn't help that most of the time I can be lazy.

11) People commenting on your straight hair but you still get offended: Whenever I've got my hair straight, people do complement me but for some strange reason, I start to get offended. I get thoughts like 'Oh, so I don't look good with curly hair?' 'Are my curls not good enough?'...yes, I am strange like this.

12) Gets in everyone's faces: As well as it getting into my face all the time, it also gets into everyone else's. If I'm hugging someone, they always seem to make a comment about it getting in their face or that it's in the mouth and eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if my friends have had hairballs after hugging me.

13) Rain: Need I say more? As soon as my hair comes into contact with rain BOOM the frizz has arrived.

14) Getting things in it: I have lost count of the times I have had food in my hair. Sometimes I don't even know how it's got into my hair.

15) You can do a lot with curly hair (apparently): People always say to me that I could do so much with my hair...yet I still keep it down and curly. I don't like taking the risk of doing something with my hair then by the end of the day, it just looks a mess. I would love to be confident enough to try new things out with my hair.

So these are 15 things about having curly hair. If anybody reading this has curly hair and have any other problems or good things with having curly hair, please let me know because I probably have to deal with the same thing haha ;) Also, if anyone knows any hair styles for curly hair then I would love to hear about them :)

(Here's a mini photo-shoot I did...I would like to point out that I am not vain ;) haha)

Random Picture
You can do so much with my hair that you can
even put it in a plastic cup...

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


When I was little, I had straight hair. Once I got towards the end of primary school, my hair decided to get bored of being straight and gradually started to get wavy/frizzy. When I started high school, my hair was basically a frizz ball and I couldn't wear it down as I just couldn't control it so I always had to wear it up in a pony tail which made me look like a boy and even at such a young age, I started to become concious.

I know it sounds strange but when my hair was like that, it did make me feel really insecure. In year 7, we had to do swimming as part of our PE lessons and I hated swimming as it was because I couldn't swim and I still can't. So after swimming, my hair used to be a mess. I always had to put it up but because my hair was bad, I struggled to put it up myself as I always got my mom to do it. One day after swimming, I decided to leave my hair down as I was fed up of having it up and I wanted to see if it would dry ok as after going swimming, I never let it dry down so I thought having it up was problem. Turns out, my hair in general was the problem. I remember sitting in maths one day and I just heard these comments of these two lads who sat behind me. I heard 'jungle', 'bush', 'frizzy' and 'oh there are probably animals hiding in that'...and I also heard them sing 'In the Jungle'. All I wanted to do was cry. I wanted to storm out of that lesson and lock myself in a toilet and cry. When the lesson ended, I stood up to leave and all I heard was 'oh the jungle is leaving, bye jungle'. I literally had to storm out of that classroom and try to put on a straight face. Luckily it was the last lesson of the day so I could just go home. At the age of 11, I was made to feel insecure about my hair because of two immature idiots. One of them carried on making comments about my hair all the way through high school and even during year 11, he called me 'pube head'. He loved to make people feel like rubbish and he can have a medal because he certainly made me feel like rubbish.

Since year 7, I felt like I had to straighten my hair everyday just so I could 'fit in' and not look like a 'mess'. Soon enough, my hair started to become damaged because of straightening it everyday. As my mom was a hairdresser when she was younger, I also relied on her to trim/cut my hair so I had never been to hairdressers until about year 9. My mom booked me in for an appointment as a treat. Since then, my hair started to get better. After washing it, it would dry into curls and I was starting to like it but I would still put my hair up for school.

I think it may have been during year 10 when I finally decided to take the risk and start having my hair down. My hair wasn't like it was at the start of high school. The frizz had turned into curls and it was then that I started to feel ok about my hair. Obviously I still had the comments from the idiot but I didn't feel so insecure about my hair. One of my best friends even started to call me 'afro head' which she still does to this day and I find it cute. I managed to get control of my hair and I started to like it. I even had it curly for prom but my mom curled my hair so I don't know if that counts? Haha!

Now I am more than happy with my hair and I have learnt to deal with it. Obviously there are times when I hate it but I still wouldn't change it. (I am being really cheesy over hair? There is something wrong with me).

Back of the afro

Front of the afro

After shower selfie 

Straight hair selfie

Prom hair which my mom did
(can't believe this was 2 years ago, omg)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

BEING 18...

So back in April, I turned 18 and being 18 obviously means I am getting older and that is scary. This means I can now buy alcohol legally, I can vote, I can go into night clubs, etc. I can basically buy/do a lot more things that what I was able to do before I was 18.

When I turned 18, I couldn't buy alcohol or go out as I didn't have my ID sorted. So if I am to give out some helpful advice, I will say this...SORT YOUR ID OUT BEFORE YOU TURN 18! Because of me not having ID, I had to turn down a lot of night outs with my friends and I even missed seeing 3 members of S Club 7 at a local night club because I didn't have my ID and that upset me more than anything (let's just that I was a HUGE S Club fan when I was younger). Finally, 2 weeks after turning 18, my provisional licence came. Since getting my licence, I have only been out on one night out. On Tuesdays, it is student night at the local night club so it's free entry until a certain time and drinks are cheap. During that night, I had one drink and that was at the pub before we went to the club and we were back home for half 1. The club was dead and it only started to get good at about 1ish but I did have an alright night (plus I saved a lot of money so I couldn't complain).

As well as being able to do all this when you turn 18, you are also able to do something else. Something amazing. Something that could change your life. Yes, that's can get a Tesco clubcard. I've been waiting years to finally have one and now I can have one. When I woke up on my birthday, the first thing I said to my mom when she came into my room was "I CAN NOW GET A CLUBCARD"...I am not even joking, that is what I said.

Since turning 18, my life hasn't really been much different to what it was when I was 17. But it's great knowing that I can go to a pub and have a cheeky drink or go on nights out with my friends. The other day, I actually thought about the fact I'm turning 19 next year and that scares me as I know my life will be different to what it is now. Growing up is scary but it's going to happen and I will need to accept that haha!

A selfie from my birthday and I had to go and spend
the day at college finishing all of my written


Monday, 5 May 2014


On Saturday 5th May 2014, I went see McBusted with Chloe (who I have mentioned in The Vamps and Free Radio posts) at the LG Arena in Birmingham. It was honestly one of the best concerts I have been to! I have been a huge fan of Busted since they first started and even after they broke up, I still listened to their music, watched videos, fangirled over them, etc. I haven't stopped loving them so when 'McBusted' was announced, I nearly cried haha! Obviously I was gutted that Charlie wasn't joining them but at least Matt and James were part of it. I never got to see Busted live when I was younger which I was upset about but to be able to see two members meant so much.

There were 3 supports acts before the boys and they all did an amazing job. Before the boys came on, the whole arena was doing a Mexican wave and I have never seen a Mexican wave go on for as long as it did. I think we repeated it at least 10 times. As soon as the lights went down, the whole arena just went crazy which really created an amazing atmosphere. After the brilliant introduction, the came onto the stage and Air Hostess started to play. I don't even think I was emotionally prepared for it. The sixth of them did an amazing job and they put on an incredible show. There were a lot of parts of it where I had to stop myself from crying haha!

Even though I love Busted, I was happy that I had finally got to see McFly live as well. They are funny guys and they were even funnier with Matt and James. The video clips that were played were hilarious and they were still hilarious on stage. They had a good connection with the audience as well!

After it was over *cries*, my ears and throat were messed up. I could hear ringing and my throat was killing me but I suppose that shows how much of a good concert it was. I still can't get over it, I want to go again.

The whole thing was perfect and now I'm just going to carry on looking at my pictures/videos while crying ;) haha!

Friday, 2 May 2014


As a performing arts student, we get quite a few chances to be able to go and see shows. Luckily for us, we got to go to the west end to see 'The Phantom of the Opera'. I had never seen it before but I heard good reviews about it and now I know why people love it so much. I was expecting not to like it but I loved it and I would love to see it again. I would definitely recommend it, even if you don't think you would like it...I can promise you that there is a huge possibility that you will love it.

In the morning, I had to wake up at half 5 so my brother could drop me off at the bus stop as I had to be at college for quarter past 8. After about a 3 hour journey, we finally arrived in London and we were allowed to go off by ourselves and look around until we had to all meet outside the theatre. We decided to go and see Buckingham Palace as is it was near. As we walked to see it, I started to regret the decision of wearing heels as I wasn't expecting the walk to be that long and the horrible British weather did not help at all. On our way, we got to see a couple of guards and we even got a selfie with one which we were proud of. After that, we carried on walking and finally got there. It was lovely to finally get the chance to see Buckingham Palace as I had never been to it before. After a very long walk back (my feet were in so much pain at this point), we decided to quickly look round Trafalgar Square. I got see a big blue cock and I also got a selfie with it. After visiting a souvenir shop and a tesco express, it was time to go and meet everyone outside of the theatre.

The journey back from London wasn't the best. We were stuck in London for an hour then when finally got near Birmingham, the coach driver had to take a 45 minute break because apparently they have too and it annoyed everyone as it was 9 o'clock at night and everyone wanted to get back home. Luckily for me, I managed to charge my phone in the service station and I had myself a Burger King and a krushem from KFC. We finally got back to college at half 10 and I actually got home at 11. Although the journey back was rubbish, I had a really lovely day and it was great to have opportunity to go to London and watch 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

In our seats ready to see Phantom 

Selfie with the guard (even though you can only see my eye)

Ma crib ;)

Selfie with the big blue cock...