Friday, 30 January 2015


For Christmas, my parents had bought me a hair dryer, a curling wand and some hair straighteners. Before then, I very rarely put heat on my hair. I always leave my hair to dry naturally and then just put up with my natural curls until I wash my hair again. 

Recently, I have started to like drying my hair with a hair dryer and then I would either straighten my hair or curl it. I knew that this would damage my hair as my hair isn't used to having so much heat put onto it so I thought it would be best to buy something to protect my hair from the heat. 

As I was looking in Superdrug, I came across the 'John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protecting Spray'. I've tried a couple 'John Frieda' products before so I decided to give this one a go. 

I spray it on my hair when I'm about to dry it and I love it. It smells really nice as well and I'm all up for nice smelling products. Some products can feel quite sticky put this doesn't at all. It makes my hair feel amazing after drying it. Even if I spray it onto dry hair, obviously it will feel wet when you put it on but it dries up quite quickly so I can then either straighten or curl my hair. 

I would definitely recommend this if anybody is looking for a product like this as I'm pretty happy with it! It costs £5.89 from Superdrug and Boots and I definitely think it's worth the money. 

If there are any other good heat protecting sprays out there then please let me know :) x

Friday, 9 January 2015


2014 is now over but I have decided to do a 'music favourites' 2014 edition. For this post, I am going to write about the artists I've been loving instead of just the songs. I hope you like it :)

Music Favourites 2 -

I only just found out about this band at the end of 2014 but I am in love already. My personal favourite at the moment is 'My House' and I always have it on repeat. If you're into alternative/electronic rock music, then definitely check out this band.

The Neighbourhood
I know the album came out in 2013, but it wasn't until 2014 that I decided to buy it. I remember listening to 'Flawless' at the end of 2013/start of 2014 and I just knew that I had to check out this band. What I love is that their music is quite chilled out and if you do want to listen to music while you're trying to relax then I recommend this band!

Olly Murs
I'm so glad Olly has started to release music again as I love him. I love how he makes music that anybody at any age can listen to and love. He always seems to bring his cheekiness into his music which just makes his song that extra bit better!

George Ezra
I love George Ezra! His voice is beautiful and his music is amazing. I don't usually listen to that sort of music but he has made me fall in love with it. When I went away for New Year, his music was constantly on the radio and I wasn't complaining at all!

Royal Blood
The first time I heard this band was when they performed at the EMA's. Since then, I went on spotify and checked out their album and it's so good! If you're into rock music and haven't listened to these before then you're missing out!

As a Busted fan, I was really happy to hear about 'McBusted' although I would've been happier with just a Busted reunion but I'm still happy so it's fine ;) Anyway, I went to see them in May and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to! I'll admit, when I found out they were releasing music I was bit like 'hmm will this work?' but they've proved me wrong it's such a good album. Plus they got work with Mark Hoppus so I'm happy ;)
(Blog post about the McBusted concert -

Ed Sheeran
Obviously I was going to add Ed into this post ;) This year has been amazing for him and he deserves it! This album is brilliant and it really shows how much of a talented artist he is. 'Thinking Out Loud' and 'Photograph' are a couple of my favourites and in my my two 'music favourites' post, 'Thinking Out Loud' has been in both of them. I'm already excited for his next album!

Fall Out Boy
In March, I finally got to see Fall Out Boy and it was amazing! We only got the tickets about a month before the actual concert but omg, it was the best thing ever!! They are brilliant live and the atmosphere was incredible. I definitely want to see them again! When they released 'Centuries', I fell in love with it straight away and I couldn't wait to here more new music off them! The songs that I've already heard off this album are brilliant and I can't wait until it's released!!

The Vamps
Two years ago, I became a fan of these boys and I still love them now! They have achieved so much and I am proud of them. The album is brilliant and I got to see them for the 3rd time! That concert was brilliant and I was suffering with post-concert depression for a quite a while after it. I'm seeing them again this year and I'm so excited. 2014 was a brilliant year for them so I can't wait to see what this year brings!
(Blog post about the concert -

One Direction
I'M SEEING ONE DIRECTION THIS YEAR, OMG!! Sorry about that, I'm just excited ;) Anyway, this album is amazing and it's so different to their others. I remember when I first heard Steal My Girl and I fell in love with it straight away and don't even get me started on Night Changes! If you haven't listened to this album yet then I think you should...even if you don't like them, just listen to it ;)

5 Seconds Of Summer

I said to myself that I would love another band...but that went out of the window. 5SOS have definitely been my favourite this year! I've been a fan for a couple of years now but this year they have definitely won my heart over (ew, Jodie...stop being cringey)! But seriously, I love them! I'm still in love with their album, I haven't got bored of yet and I don't think I will. LIVESOS is brilliant and it's so nice to hear their live stuff as I haven't seen them live and I haven't got tickets to them live this year (sad times...who wants to cry with me? *cries*). I actually can't wait to hear new music off them and to see what this year brings them! Omg I just love them so much *cries*

So there we have music favourites of 2014 :) Let me know what you were loving last year :) x

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