Wednesday, 10 June 2015


If you've read some of my past blog posts, watched some of my videos or even follow me on twitter then you will probably know that I love 5 Seconds of Summer...a lot. Well I was lucky enough to go and see them on tour on Friday 5th June 2015. THEY WERE AMAZING OMFG!! I can't thank my friend enough for inviting me to go with her.

We were sat in block G on the floor and the seats were pretty decent.
You can't really see the stage as it it was dark...awkward.
Their support act, Hey Violet, came on first and performed a few songs. The day before, I actually went into Birmingham to do a bit of shopping with my Gran. As we were going up the escalator I noticed a familiar face outside Forever 21. I thought to myself 'Wow that looks like Casey from Hey Violet'. So once we were up the escalator, I decided I wanted to go to Forever 21 just to make sure it was him. So my Gran and I, went back down the escalator and headed to Forever 21. I walked past him, trying not to make it obvious that I knew who he was. As we were in the shop and walked past the tills, I noticed Nia and Rena. Once we left the shop, they were all stood outside it and me and my Gran literally stood about near them as we decided where to go next. So that's the story of how I was about 30cm away from Hey Violet but I was too scared to talk to them.

Anyway, they were pretty good and they did a cover of Blank Space which caused my friend and I to stand up and madly dance along to it.

Once their set was over, we had to wait about half an hour for the boys to come on. I'm not even joking, it felt like the longest 30 minutes of my life. Not forgetting that I felt that anxious that I nearly had a panic attack from waiting (joys of having anxiety and being a fangirl all mixed in one). When the lights finally went down, everyone got on their feet and screamed. You know that feeling you get when you're about to cry? Well that's how I felt during the countdown. Ashton came on the stage first and played his drums and then the boys followed. Once they were all on the stage, I couldn't help but cry. (That's going to sound really sad but I love them so much, I actually couldn't control it).

They started with End Up Here and I think I actually cried throughout that whole song. During the show, Michael and Ashton announced that they had written a song for us. The lyrics were basically just "Birmingham, smells like ham" they full on performed it with guitars, drums and the bass...idiots! (they are my favourite idiots though, I love them). They performed a new song called Permanent Vacation which I haven't actually been able to stop singing for the past month. Their cover of American Idiot is still one of my faves and Michael had that guitar camera he usually has and he stuck his middle thing up towards it which made me think to myself 'that's rude af but I love it, you're such a babe'.

They performed Wrapped Around Your Finger which is one of my favourite songs of theirs so I kind of fangirled hard when I heard the intro to the song. The live version of Amnesia is literally my favourite so I'm glad I finally got to witness that live. During Beside You, I took a moment to realise that they were actually their on the stage which nearly started off the tears again. When I looked at Luke (some of you may know that I am a Luke girl, he is bae), I couldn't help but get upset at the fact that I was looking at him like he was my world yet he couldn't even see me (and didn't even know I was there *cries*). I'm sure every fangirl feels like this at a concert. Looking at your fave like they are everything yet your heart breaks knowing that they don't know you exist. Let's all cry together *virtual hugs to everyone thats been through this* *another virtual hug to all those other Luke girls, we can get through this together*

Despite the fact that I'm a Luke girl, I did fangirl pretty hard over Michael. His guitar skills are incredible and he was such a cutie pie on Friday. I was swerving in out of the lanes I'll tell you that. When I come to think about it, I was fangirling pretty hard over all of them. I nearly cried at Calum playing the bass at the start of Everything I Didn't Say as it was just him and it was perfect. Not forgetting Ashton and his drumming skills though omfg, he was amazing. They were all amazing. WTF I love them so much *cries*.

They ended with What I Like About You and it was beautiful. I didn't want them to leave, I wanted them to stay and play more songs (preferably Lost Boy, English Love Affair, If You Don't Know, Unpredictable, Gotta Get Out, Too Late, I've Got This Friend, Superhero, Try Hard...basically all of their songs, old and new).

It was honestly the best night I have ever had and probably the best concert I had been to. The first time I went to that same arena was when I went to my concert ever and that was to see The Tweenies (I was literally in the second or third row for that...don't be jealous) and now I got see 4 of my other favourites ;) I swear if the boys were The Tweenies, Luke would be Jake, Ashton would be Bella, Michael would be Milo and Calum would be Fizz.

(I think I need to end this blog post before it starts to get weirder, I am so sorry)

The boys were amazing and to finally see the band that have helped me through so much crap these past couple of years means so much to me. Everyone has that something or someone that helps them through the tough times and these boys happen to be that for me. I can't even explain how much I love them! I'm hoping this won't be the last time I see them live though :)

I did film a 'Get Ready With Me' video which you can check out if you would like to :) and I also included some (a lot actually) clips of the concert so you can experience it with me :)

As I'm writing this, I'm still not over the post concert blues yet and I don't think I'll be over it for a long time *cries* I HATE THIS BAND SO MUCH WTF! But seriously, I do love them ;) x

Have any of you guys been to the tour? or are you going? :) x

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