Tuesday, 14 July 2015


So I went to see Paloma Faith last week and obviously I am going to blog about it ;) She was amazing!!

We got there quite early so luckily for us, we managed to get to the front. The weather was beautiful that day as well so I didn't mind all the waiting. After half 7 sometime, the support act came on which was Liam Bailey. I was probably one of the few people who actually knew who he was as I'm a huge fan of Chase and Status and he did a song with them called 'Blind Faith' so I was hoping he was going to sing that song. Which he did. I fangirled ;) Haha! He did his own version though and it was beautiful. That man has got such a brilliant voice and I really loved his set. So if any of you reading this are looking for new music to listen to then go and check out Liam Bailey :)

Soon enough, Paloma came on the stage looking beautiful. I couldn't get over how gorgeous she was in person. I'll admit that I like her and a music but I'm not a huge fan of her...until I actually went to go and see her and now I'm literally in love with her. Because I wasn't such a 'huge fan', I didn't really know all the lyrics to some of her songs so I just kind of stood there (and danced a little bit) and admired her. At concerts, I usually go to see people I am huge fan of which ends up with me crying, screaming, singing, shouting (basically fangirling in general) so it was nice to experience a concert in a different way. I did however have a fangirl stood next to me and she was fangirling her heart out. Now I'm not going to judge her (even if she did scream in my ear too many times) because she was literally me at concerts and she was seeing her idol on stage and I was so happy for her and I'm glad she got front row!!

Anyway, Paloma put on an amazing show and I didn't realise how much of a good performer she is. Plus her voice is amazing! She also looked at my friend and I and he is a huge fan of her so he nearly died ;) haha! But after seeing her, I have now become a fan of hers and I think she is brilliant. I would definitely go and see her again! (Also, I am in love with one of her guitarists)

I decided to do a 'Get Ready With Me' video because thats all I seem to do on my YouTube channel at the moment ;) But this one is a bit different as I included some more things and I also added a voice over *dun dun dunnnn* (Fun fact: I used one of my 'Singstar' mics to help me with this*

I hope you liked this post! My next concert post will probably be in October and it will about...ONE DIRECTION *fangirls* omfg I'm so excited!x

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